Author: Emanual

October 30, 2020

Top 10 Things To Do To Speed Up your WordPress Blog Loading Time

Searching for techniques to boost WordPress blog speed? Blog speed is an important factor for getting success in blogging. In this article, we are going to share techniques and settings to speed up the WordPress blog. The load time of a WordPress blog depends on many factors. Like web hosting, images, WordPress configurations, website size. We are going to talk about all these factors in […]

October 24, 2020

10 Best WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Should Use

Today we are going to see the 10 best WordPress plugins that every blogger should use in their WordPress website or blog. WordPress plugins are like mobile apps that add certain functionality to the website.  There are thousands of WordPress plugins available to download. You can find a plugin for anything you want to add to your website. Like contact forms, e-commerce stores, security, automatic […]