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February 13, 2022

How to Get 60% Off WPX Hosting with “Bloggingscout” Deal?

By Emanual

The contest to provide the best web hosting services often lead to higher prices. Web hosting companies keep adding new features and resources to their resources causing the price to surge high. And as a result, people have found a solution for that. They use different coupon codes to avail multiple discounts on the services they like. But finding the right web host and its coupon codes is a tricky job. So we are here to help you. We are going to tell you how to get a whopping discount of 60% by using the given code on one of the top WordPress hosting provider’s plans; WPX Hosting.

How to Get 60% Off by Applying this WPX Discount Code?

Sometimes finding the right coupon codes becomes a tricky job. And even harder is the process of applying them. But this time it will be a lot easier. Because we are going to provide you with the right coupon codes for WPX Hosting and tell you how to apply them. Each of WPX Hosting’s plans has its own coupon code. The code may not work if you use it on another plan. Therefore to avoid this confusion, we are going to provide you with the relevant code for each plan. Besides that, you’ll also get an insight into their pricing and plans. So you can choose the right one for yourself.

WPX Hosting Plans & Pricing + Coupon Codes

Providing the right services at the right price is what WPX Hosting aims at. But their services have a lot of amazing features and never-ending resources. This leads to a bit higher prices. But still, WPX Hosting provides quality WordPress hosting services at cheaper prices than many others. If someone still cannot afford their services, we are here to help them. The main pricing and plans with WPX Coupons by bloggingscout.net are below:

WPX Hosting Monthly Discount

WPX Hosting Monthly Plans:

WPX Hosting offers two types of plans mainly: Monthly and Yearly. Each of these plans has three deals. In the case of a monthly plan, the cheapest plan is named Business. Starting at $24.99 a month, 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth comes with this plan. The second one starts at $49.99 monthly and has nearly twice the resources of the first one. Lastly, the Elite plan starts at $99.00 per month. This plan has 40 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Getting 60% Off Coupon Code

Apply the following coupon code to get a discount of 60% on any of WPX Hosting’s monthly plans.

Coupon Code: X8YR4TOH4NG5

 50% Off WPX Hosting Promo Code

Getting a 50% discount on all of WPX Hosting’s monthly plans is a hard thing. But you can get it easily by using the following coupon code.

Coupon Code: bloggingscout

WPX Hosting Coupon

50% Discount on WPX Hosting Coupon Code

You can save a massive 60% off the total price on all of WPX Hosting’s monthly plans by applying this coupon code.

Coupon Code: FIFTYOFF

WPX Hosting Yearly Plans

WPX Hosting’s yearly plan has three deals: Business, Professional, and Elite. These are the most attractive and feature-rich plans ever. The Business plan starts at a mere $20.83 per month with the same resources as WPX Hosting’s monthly plan. The professional plan costs $41.58 per month. Finally, the Elite plan will set you back $83.25 monthly. All of these plans have the same resources and features as WPX’s monthly plans. The difference is in the price. Which is a lot lower here. Because you save up to $200 per year on their yearly plans. And that is why WPX Hosting doesn’t offer any coupon codes for its yearly plans.

WPX Hosting Yearly Plans

What is WPX Hosting?

Now that we’re done with WPX Hosting coupon codes. Let’s have a look at their services and see why should you buy them at all. Before applying the coupons, give it a read to make sure that you’ve chosen the right hosting for you. WPX Hosting was established in 2013 by Terry Kyle, an experienced online tech entrepreneur. To provide the best WordPress hosting service to the world. Besides, the founders of WPX Hosting wanted to provide feature-rich services to everyone at the right price. WPX Hosting offers domain registrations and WordPress Hosting mainly.

WPX Hosting Features

They have a rich collection of amazing features. The main features include custom CDN, free SSL certificates, and a 1-click WordPress installer. These features are the reason for their recent success. Because rarely someone offers such features for free. Some of their amazing features are described below:

Custom-Built CDN

WPX Hosting has its own custom-built CDN. They claim that it is one of the fasted CDNs ever that gives you a fastest website hosting. And that is most certainly true.

Unlimited SSLs

WPX Hosting offers unlimited free SSL certificates. These certificates build the trust of your customer on your website.

1-click WordPress Installer

A 1-click WordPress installer also comes with all of WPX Hosting’s plans. You can also install other similar apps with a single click.

Daily Malware Detection

WPX Hosting scans your website for malware and other potentially harmful viruses daily. These are removed instantly to prevent your website from being harmed.

Automated Backups

They do automated backups of your website and keeps them for up to 28 days. You can always recover them if you need to.

99.95% Uptime

WPX Hosting guarantees a 99.95% uptime to all of its customers. This uptime is listed among the top performers in the whole hosting industry.

Strong Security

Strong security is being promised by WPX Hosting. They use various protection tools along with DDoS protection to keep your website safe.

‏Multiple Hosting Locations

WPX Hosting offers multiple hosting locations across the US, the UK, and Australia. This ensures the good speed of your website anywhere around the globe.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their plans. They’ll give you your full money back in case you don’t like their services.

Fast Customer Support

WPX Hosting offers 24/7 instant support to its customers. You can contact them via their live chat option or email if you have any problems.

Bottom Line

As we’ve looked over almost all of WPX Hosting’s details. You probably have an idea of what they offer and at what cost. Their hosting ranks in the top performers’ list. If you are a WordPress blogger or have a business website that is hosted on WordPress, WPX Hosting should be your choice. Because their performance is remarkable and features unmatchable just like FastComet vs. HostGator hosting. Feel free to use the provided coupon codes to save up to 60% on all of WPX Hosting’s plans.